$45.00- Gift Pack from Ethical Bean Coffee (Q'ty 2)

Fair Trade Organic Shade Grown Coffee Roasted in Vancouver!

Ethical Bean Coffee is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of 100% Fairtrade Certified Organic coffee. The Vancouver, BC, based company prides itself on being both just, and better, in everything that they do. Whether through programs that respect the earth and its farmers or by leaving a minimal environmental footprint, Ethical Bean is constantly seeking new ways to do the right thing. Just. Better. isn’t just a tagline. It’s the standard by which Ethical Bean lives and breathes.

Ethical Bean’s commitment to fair and environmentally friendly production practices starts at the source. Through a relationship with Transfair Canada, the company is able to ensure that the producers they purchase from are safe from the volatilities of the coffee market. And by
using only 100% certified organic coffee, harmful pesticides and other chemicals don’t come
near the coffee or its growers.

Each and every bag of coffee that leaves our roastery is stamped with a unique QR code so you can track the journey your coffee has taken to get to you.

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