$20.00- gift certificate from Zero One Sushi (Q'ty 10)

Zero One Sushi offers a large selection of popular Japanese items for eat in, take-out and delivery.  They make not only delicious sushi but also an assortment of deliciously created casual Japanese foods like  udon, donburi, salads, and more.

As soon as when we share our idea of raffle tickets to raise money for Japan, Kazu, the owner chef of the Zero One Sushi was one of very first  person donated to this program.  He kindly gave us 10 X $20.00- gift certificate, so the lucky winner can take his/her friend with him/her or you can enjoy their food a few times!

They have amazing food in amazing prices!

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They update their specials almost everyday.

Free delivery in Core downtown area but
No deliverys between 12-2pm
Delivery Last Call 30Min. Before Closing time
Minimum Order of $20 for delivery

Sushi Zero One
Address: 559 West Pender St., Vancouver, BC V6B1V5
Phone: (604) 605-1625

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